High Society Torture Party

by The Fucking Hotlights

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by John Angelo in late 2010.
500 copies pressed on vinyl and self-released in May of 2011.
On this recording, The Fucking Hotlights are: Johnny, Ryan, Pete, and Doug.


released May 21, 2011



all rights reserved


The Fucking Hotlights Buffalo, New York

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Track Name: Revival
let the witch hunt begin
switch the ring to another finger again
we are powerful men
land owners conquering
white swans on the riverbed
black dogs on the scent
oh, under the torch light
she bares the mark
I feel a revival comin’ on
let the witch hunt begin
stalk the street for the smell of sin
a scrubbing stone for her back
and a bath for her cleansing
white skin pressed to red
a pox, a curse upon our head
oh, under the torch light
she bares the mark
and I feel a revival comin’ on
Track Name: The Winding Sheet
The Winding Sheet
sleepy patients push the pageant on
buffalo roam the bathhouses
and bathe in pricey blood
a child lost in his own lawn
buoying boys in the water gardens drowned
the love gets lost
feast upon the flesh and make a horrid mess
all the kings have cloth
made from golden strings and the best
hair from beautiful whores
stitched by surgeon slaves
bathe in the house of the lord
then hunt in his forest no more
treasures scored, babies born, ugly duck fucks
all luck and keep track numbers on murderers
there’s plenty of room in the royal pond
for the killers and hustler sods
the love gets lost in the price it costs
Track Name: Awful Ends
Awful Ends
cut the dog into a carpet
sold the windows as knives
planted dynamite with the tulips
filled the piano with rice
get a shovel
shook sticks at rocking chairs
baked quicksilver bread
rode upon the galloping horse with no head
get a shovel
a heavy honey tongue and hungry heart of gall
three aspen leaves should silence them all
rang the dinner bell on the drunk hornet’s nest
get a shovel
collected criminal ears
and fashioned candles from the deafening wax
get a shovel
getashovel getashovel getashovel getashovel
whistling girls and crowing hens
always come to some awful end
till the white rooster crows, the show must go on
a whistling woman and crowing hen
are neither fit for god nor men
till the night rooster crows, the search must go on
for the water in the well turns to arsenic at dawn
cut off in a cemetery
under friday’s new moon
administered by a cross-eyed man
Track Name: Afterall, I am the Caretaker
After all, I am the Caretaker
I’ve put that monster to bed ages ago
yet, so much work left to be done
seven pages past twenty one
a guest in my own skin I’ve become
but baby we all get a little stir crazy in this hotel
the walls they babylon and on
and on and on and on and on and...
somebody hit the juke
a smooth number or two
swinging, swaying, somebody saying
wonderful party, isn’t it?
sewer rats, kitty cats yeah
wonderful party, isn’t it?
sewer rats, kitty cats,
and dandelion lovers all dance with one another
foxtrot, box-step, turn, and promenade
I say its about time we drop this facade
we all know for my racing mind
there is one sure solution to find
sweating there in front of me
that rabid dog that bit me
wonderful party, isn’t it?
sewer rats, kitty cats yeah
wonderful party, isn’t it?
sewer rats, kitty cats,
and dandelion lovers all dance with one another
the man is back in bloom
red faced glorious return
stark raving lunatic drunk
here’s johnny!
Track Name: A Lamb A Lion An Ape A Pig
A Lamb A Lion An Ape A Pig
your ship is fucked
the voyage doomed
we are the almighty white squall
here to drown you in our love
ramming speed she said
into the crystal rocks ahead
we are the blood in the water
our friends have friends
and they have no fathers
or daughters, mentors, manners, limits, or law
we are the heavy breathers
the gaping mouth celebrators
a velvet crushing grip in kid-skin opera gloves
we are the blood in the water
our friends have friends
and they have no fathers
or daughters, mentors, manners, limits, or law
tonight we swim in the dark water and await
the pale blood elephants to carry us to the kingdom
we are the blood in the water
Track Name: Sugarbaker
if I were to do it all again,
it wouldn’t make a difference
some ass-eating mary with power breath
would talk all night long
while holding the best cocaine
I need a faster whip with a razor sharp wit
to send all these cocksuckers off bleeding sideways
lead the pigs straight to the slaughter
and revel in the spoils of vacuous pointless victory
I’d rather run my mouth ragged to the wind,
than have this wall any closer
because it’s easier to burn the wire through,
than hold it tight at sun break
while everybody is talking about
who has got the worst breath
Track Name: Warehouse
I’m drawing a line in the cement
with the dog shit on my shoe
those who do not cross
will be tonguing it when I’m through
it’s come time to take every liars mouth
and stuff it with hair from shower drains
its come time to take every coward
and fill their belly with led paint
all the glass eyes will be devoured
after being plucked from the baby girl doll face cavity
behold the punisher
prepare for the pain
of our bored and disillusioned
soulless stained bed sheet names
(these high society torture party games)
dear confession booth,
so many sins, where do I begin?
do you remember when we were young and invincible?
saliva spit dripped from a split lip
like a mouth piece in a prize fight
adventure flew across the room
the warrior’s cry
we swallowed thorn bushes whole
and always came inside perfect pale drunken strangers
with cheap gin menthol cigarette bug spray breath
dear confession booth,
so many sins, where do I begin?
baby, we is busy bees
whose sexy saccharine hive
is full of all the best honey jive
I want vinegar in my eyes
because nothing’s so sore
as all the sweet that’s been this dive
so saddle up and ride
Track Name: Lip Service
Lip Service
you’re starting to believe all it takes to live is breathing
I take the time to ruin but saving is what I’m doing
so stop begging me please
Track Name: No Glory
No Glory
let’s put all the poets in a cave
with only so much air
give them a pen and watch blank paper pile up
yeah, I’ll have another
I dare you to say something worth a cell
that you didn’t see on TV
as speakers flutter I wonder
who has got shit to say to me
yeah, I’ll have another
cold coffee before friday
another sunday night shit show
of liver stiff itchy stories
we got a story to tell and a legacy to leave
everything we did is worthless and sure to be...
cold coffee before friday
if she humped our keyboards
she might get a baby to raise alone
Track Name: Skinwalker
come run, come on and come
you wanna ride on the angel gun?
sleep with the devils and get in the mix
with a mad mad scene?
good lord, you don’t know where I’ve been
and that’s mud and blood running down
in and out your nose
you’re dead in paradise
OD’d on the american dream
I’ve got eighteen cans that bleed stray dog sun beams
for when the moon gets too close
shit, kitty cat, does that one strike eight?
a pocket full of jollies from the candy store window
we exterminate
the howling through our skin
they call this place a reptile zoo
and I’ve got coins to scrape anyone of these
who try to get through
must be a miracle the beasts haven’t got a scent on me
I’m wearing brute force and you,
of course, stink of easy
the howling through our skin
the horror, the horror
you deserve so much better than being called a whore
hell, its spring break and you’re working on a degree
Track Name: Hammering of the Goldbeaters
Hammering of the Goldbeaters
we’ve severed the lion’s head
come on baby, lets drink its blood and never go to bed
now! lets all come together
fasten the feathers
iron and metal
carmine disaster
you spin fast
I’ll spin faster
dance around the golden strings
we’ve gathered our pleasures
such a delightful endeavor
little boy nose bleeds from miniskirt struts
blood pressure spike
idol worship and fire light
fabulous dancers, fabulous dancers
you spin fast
I’ll spin faster
dance around the golden strings